PLGRND ("playground") is a platform designed for sneaker lovers that I launched with a partner. It allows collectors to virtually recreate their collection in the app, as well as to buy and sell items between individuals. It is also possible to find the closest users to meet to discuss or exchange pairs.


The application was entirely designed and built on Adalo, a no-code development platform. We launched the service in 2021 and gathered since 1400+ sneaker addicts and collectors to share about their passion and trade items in the marketplace.

👉🏽 This project gave me the opportunity to craft an entire application from scratch and discover the world of no-code development, which was a real revelation for me.

👉🏽 It also made me more conscious of growth marketing, led me to create content tailored for social media (blog & Instagram posts, infographics, videos…) and implement acquisition strategies.

The app is currentlty available for both iOS and Android on

A blog on which we produce articles and videos about the sneakers world is also available at