FanVision (2014-2015)

FanVision is a company that builds controllers which provide enriched video content during live sports events (NASCAR races, golf or tennis games...). The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in Canada and North Carolina.

During my experience in FanVision, I have been in charge to renew the brand identity (for example by giving up the gradients and drop shadows for a flatter style) and apply it to all the existing brand assets. I have also had to create various marketing documents in order to promote the product on race tracks. These prints could be simple flyers or coupons, or giant billboards displayed on the FanVision trucks and trailers at the event.

Lastly, I crafted several handbooks (for the different controllers types), designed the company's corporate website along with other temporary web pages endorsing promotional operations.

See samples of these creatives below:

FanVision Sandwich board TradeUp 2015
Rent now_banner_facebook
FanVision business card